Dubai Fishing Trip

We are the only Fishing Charter Company in Dubai that will Guarantee fishing, we use special fishing techniques and equipments that can assist you in finding the biggest catch and gives you the best results. We try our best to take you as far as possible minimum 45km north of Dubai near World islands to guarantee the results and to get the best fish catching and best experience. Our all tour start from early morning till night time.

Dubai Fishing Trip welcome you to join us for what will be a wonderful and  Event for individuals, families, organizations, teenagers, kids, young adults on our Deep Sea Fishing Dubai. We are just some of the fishes that can be caught during our fishing trip, one of the most popular and interesting thing to do in Dubai. We are offering customers to very economical all inclusive priced packages for your convenience and relaxation fulfillments. Please feel free to share this excitable event with others. Choose one as per your requirement from our wide range of neat and tidy fishing boats ready for sports fishing. Dubai Fishing will be glad to welcome you aboard.

Dubai Fishing Trip gives a professional fishing experience and provides supreme utilities for the newcomer through to the skilled fisherman.

Our aim is to offer an outstanding fishing experience for fisherman who hunger deep sea fishing adventure while enjoying the most eye catching sights around the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

We do both bottom and trolling fishing, indeed depending on the necessity of the customers we pick the amount of time for each.

The bottom fishing is suitable if aim is to catch more fish and trolling fishing is suitable if goal is to catch only big fish.

Our centre of interest is on standard and service, make sure that you are a well pleased customer every time.