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How to Enjoy Your Dubai Journey to Its Best

Dubai, although a new tourist destination but has gained popularity and has emerged as the best tourist hub. It is a city of superlatives for the biggest, highest, tallest, fastest and largest. With largest immigration population in the world, it is the crowning jewel of Middle East. Here the weekly day off is on Friday. Dubai follows strict Islamic laws despite its modern outlook. As compared to most of North American and European cultures, Dubai has totally different culture. Dubai is safe for visitors. It is renowned for its traditional buildings, cosmopolitan lifestyle and best Arabic architecture.

Strict Law in Dubai

Dubai is full of luxury and to make your vacation more rewarding and relaxing some of the basic planning and research is necessary. Deciding budget and then working out things plays an important role while you are on vacation. If planning and execution is proper one can enjoy and save a lot many bucks with enjoyment to its fullest. No doubt there are many places to be visited in Dubai but there are few sights which one should never miss while on a trip to Dubai. To a name a few, World’s tallest man-made tower, Burj Khalifa; The Burj Al Arab is an impressive landmark of Dubai with amazing views, Palm Island Dubai, an amalgamation of three islands Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali, The World Island with 260 individual islands.

The World Island Dubai


Apart from these destinations other spots like Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, Hotel Atlantis, Dubai Fountain, Wild Wadi, Arabian ranches and ultra-modern shopping malls the list is endless. Dubai has some of the best resorts, hotels and restaurants. These resorts have their private beaches where one can relax and have fun. Also these hotels serve with 24 hour butler service, luxurious car service like Rolls Royce, best room service with some of the exotic foods and great interiors. One can select from a wide range of four and five star hotels depending on their budget and there duration of stay. Resorts and hotels at Dubai are affordable with best in their class services. Dubai offers duty free shops so one can save a lot buying electronics and other equipment’s.

Dubai Marina Beach

Apart from all these heart of Dubai lies in the wild adventures which the city has to offer like Yachting, Mountain Biking, Desert Safari, Skiing, Wake-boarding, Climbing and hiking, Off-roading etc. Many companies have come up in Dubai which offers Dubai yacht rental services with excellent services and at affordable rates. One can get good deals on this Dubai yacht rental,if the right selection is made depending on the requirements. Yachts are available in different sizes and various amenities depending on the needs of its travelers. With these yachts travelers can also explore man-made wonders like The World Island, Palm Islands and Dubai Creek etc. One can also have the fun of deep sea fishing with yacht chartering. Thus one can enjoy true and unforgettable Dubai if everything is planned and executed properly.

Unique Features and Memorable Luxuries of Yachts

A yacht is a superb combination to enjoy privacy, freedom, fun and flexibility to exactly what pleases you. When we discuss about yachts, destinations like Miami Florida, Dubai etc. comes to our mind. Dubai has emerged as a hub of super yachts. In less than forty years, the desert kingdom has now emerged to be a leading global tourist destination. Some of its top destinations has brought Dubai on the tourist map and is the true paradise on earth.

yacht for rent in dubai

No doubt there are many sites like marvelous skyscraper Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, The World Island which is a miniature representation of the world map, with 260 individual islands and lots more to be visited in Dubai but there are few adventures like yachting, jetskis, waterskiing, snorkeling, wind surfing etc. which one should never miss while on a trip to Dubai.

Yacht Interior

A charter yacht can easily move from one place to other to satisfy any need of an individual whether one wishes to go for a gourmet picnic on a deserted area to fine dining experience or from disco hopping to watching the moon and the stars from a spa. Yachts give romantic and luxurious feel with complete seclusion to jet-set night life. Many firms have come up in Dubai which provides tourist with best Yacht charter in Dubai services. One can select yacht depending upon individual’s requirement, budget and amenities required. There are family yachts, couple yachts etc., the outfitting of yacht is equally important.


Yacht for family is equipped with baby gates, pocket doors which can protect kids from stairwells, protected nets around the decks to safeguard children while aboard. The sophisticated decor of the yacht gives a glamorous look so that guests won’t feel that they are in kid’s zone. Yacht also features all modern amenities like bars, exotic bedrooms and ubiquitous electronic games for youngsters, in short all unique features which can enchant one’s trip. Those looking for exclusive parties and chill out, Yacht hire in Dubai have it all. Thus it is becomes very important to choose the right yacht from many available. Almost all the five star resorts and beach hotels of Dubai possess their private beaches where one can enjoy yachting. Apart from these features relishing on exotic cuisines is a great experience on these yachts. There are chefs available on this yacht charter to ensure individual’s taste. Also there are exercising facilities, gyms available in these yachts. Last but not the least scuba diving with underwater attractions is unique service which these yachts offer. Thus from mosaic floors to exotic decors with elegant lighting, best salons, VIP cabins and excellent facilities and services, Yacht rental in Dubai is a complete package to relax, party and enjoy a quality time with your loved ones.

The City of Dubai – The Epitome of Glamour and Fashion


Dubai is a famous city, molded with modernism and ultra-technological stuffs. The sky touching buildings of Dubai are the signature marks of the city, whereas the city has in it a lot more to offer than the glimpse of those skyscrapers. The city is regarded as the ‘Mecca of tourism’ and the ‘capital of Fashion’ in Asia. A lot of movies have been filmed in this place, including some famous movies, like – Sex and the City 2, which was a blockbuster hit in the year of 2010. The beautiful city of Dubai is located beside the sea coastline and it possesses around one thousand artificial islands, which have been built with precision and thus worth to be visited if you are in Dubai.


The city of Dubai is also considered as the cultural hub of the Middle East as the place possesses the largest opera of the Middle East. World famous and well known singers or musicians come to the opera of Dubai quite often to perform live shows. So, if you are visiting Dubai, keep your fingers crossed as if you are lucky enough, you may see that your favorite international pop star is performing live at Dubai Opera. You can book tickets and check schedules of the Dubai Opera from the internet directly. Whether it is a festive time or not – such live shows and performances are quite common at this place and thousands of people come to see these alluring live performances.

Dubai is also known as an exclusive shopping place, where you can find latest gadgets to trendy apparels or anything that you want. The city is outfitted with a lot of shopping malls and individual branded stores, starting from Armani, Kelvin Cline, Y&L, D&G and many more shops are there. Jewelries are the charms of Dubai and if you are a jewelry lover, you will find plenty of innovative and traditional jewelries there. Traditional Arabian dresses and props, as well as modernized cloths – if you love fashion and conscious about what you wear, then Dubai is the perfect place for you.

Luxury-Shopping-Malls-in-Dubai (1)

The epitome of elite and sophistication of Dubai, the Burj-Khalifa building is regarded as the tallest man made structure on earth today. The building hosts numerous shopping places or stores, restaurants and pubs. Foods and drinks are worth to be tried in Dubai. The local Arabian dishes are delicious, would definitely satisfy your taste buds. Several nightclubs are there too, which offer endless fun or enjoyment.